Silver Arch X-Static Antimicrobial Socks (W-284)

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We all start our morning the same way... one sock at a time. Unfortunately, many of us overlook the quality of the socks we wear. We purchase basic ones that encourage the growth of bacteria and put us on a fast track toward stinky, sweaty feet.

Silver Arch Super Soft Antimicrobial Socks are a game changer. A soft blend of Bamboo Rayon, Organic Cotton, and Dupont's Lycra hug your feet for superior comfort and relief. X-Static® Silver Yarn neutralizes odor-creating, fungus-facilitating bacteria.

Forever Soft. Forever Antimicrobial.

Don't Settle. Treat Your Feet.

Key Features
  • Performance Layers of Fibers working together to provide well-cushioned, superior comfort and relief.

  • Antimicrobial - X-Static® Silver Yarn is an extruded form of silver protection that permanently embeds silver ions into the fibers of the sock. The silver ions continually provide antimicrobial activity on the fabric to safely minimize and neutralize microbes upon contact. These antimicrobial properties last a lifetime; the efficacy does not diminish after any amount of washing and is unaffected by changes in temperature.

  • The Silver Yarn Eliminates Microbes and Provides Odor-Free Protection, so these socks require less washing than normal socks do (Less washing=Less time, resources, and money for you to spend).

  • Made in USA using fabrics manufactured in USA.

Socks Construction

  • Bottom Part Knitted with X-Static® Silver Yarn, which eliminates microbes and provides odor-free protection.

  • Bamboo Rayon, Organic Cotton, and Dupont’s Lycra® combine to give you a snug fit and seamless toe design that hug your feet and keep them cool and dry.

  • Well cushioned on the base of the ankle for superior comfort and relief.

  • Engineered to provide a snug fit with a seamless toe design that hugs your feet all day long.

  • Green, Red, and Colorless Thread are knitted across the toes to Easily Identify Sock Sizes: Green for Large, Red for Medium, and Colorless for Small.

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