The X-95 Reusable Mask (W-258)

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The X-95 Mask is a high efficiency fitted face mask using textile technology to provide maximum protection to the wearer and others in the vicinity. Studies have shown that the fabric combination restricts transmission of nano particles in aqueous aerosols (from coughing, sneezing, breathing).

Mask Sizing & Fit

A lot of our customers have said that the sizing fits great, while others have said the sizing is off. We have tried our best to create a mask sizing guide for the X-95 Masks, that fits most. However, due to differences in facial structures the mask may not fit exactly to each face. Each mask is individually crafted so there may be slight variances in the measurements. The nose piece and elastics can be adjusted for the best fit. Unfortunately, we're unable to accept a return or exchange if the size fitting is off.

Key Features

      • 7 Performance Layers of Fibers working together to provide filtration in both directions - inward and outward to help protect against environmental aggressors.
      • Patent-pending Fabric Combination found to be effective in preventing transmission of nano particles in aqueous aerosols (i.e from coughing, sneezing, breathing)
      • Antimicrobial - SILVADUR™ is a smart controlled release technology that uses silver ions to continually provide antimicrobial activity to inhibit the growth of bacteria, Fungi and algae on the fabric, control bad odors and provide intelligent freshness protection.
      • Zorb® Filtration + ProCool® Performance technologies combine to give you a safe, protective filtration mask that keeps you cool & dry.
      • Made in USA using fabrics manufactured in USA.

Mask Construction

1. Inner - High-Performance quick drying double-knit fabric engineered to quickly wick moisture away from the skin and onto the filtration layer using a push-pull technology.

2. Middle Filtration Layer -

- Three dimensional fabric with two uniquely structured face knits with a dense core of cellulosic and synthetic fibers core for efficient filtration.

- Designed to capture and hold aerosols and moisture from the inside and outside.

3. Outer - High-Performance double-knit barrier fabric to protect from outside elements. Wicking fibers trap and capture aerosols and particles contained in them.

4. Latex Free elastic ear loops with beads for adjusting the length.

5. Brass Nose Stays securely sewn into the nose bridge seam for an adjustable secure fit.

6. Each mask in individually crafted with double sewn seams for long lasting durability, wash & wear.

Mask Use and Care

Wash before first use and when required.

Machine Wash:

Medium hot (150°F) on delicate cycle. Low spin.

Use laundry soap/detergent, oxybleach ok.

No bleach, no fabric softeners.

Air dry or machine dry on warm cycle.

No ironing.

Hand Wash:

Heat water to boiling; immerse mask(s) for 5 minutes.

Lather with soap, agitate for 20 secs. Rinse well in plenty of water. Squeeze well. Do not twist.

Air dry or machine dry on warm cycle.

No ironing.

Optional sanitizing between uses: Spray/wet both sides with 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol.

Allow to air dry.

Store the dry mask in a clean bag/pouch.

Store used masks in a separate bag/pouch.

Use SilverCinch Bag for storing masks safely and separately.

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