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The SilverHanky Kerchiefs (W-254)

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Silver Hankies are the future.

Single-use wipes and pockets packed with unhygienic, kerchief germ banks are a thing of the past.

Silver Hankies are designed with your protection and the environment in mind. One side is absorbent for sneezing/coughing. The other side is waterproof, so your hands stay clean and dry during use. Simply fold it up and use the elastic loop to close it when finished with. Then, let the silver ions do their job of neutralizing any microbes.

Always thoroughly wash after use. 7.5 x 8"

Key Features

+ 4 Protective Layers of Fibers working together to create a safe fabric that minimizes the spread of germs and aqueous aerosols.

+ Patent-pending Fabric Combination found to be effective in preventing transmission of nano particles in aqueous aerosols (i.e from coughing, sneezing, breathing).

+ Antimicrobial - SILVADUR™ is a smart controlled release technology that uses silver ions to continually provide antimicrobial activity on the fabric to safely minimize and neutralize microbes upon contact.

+ Zorb® Filtration + ProSoft MediPUL technologies combine to give you a safe, hygienic hanky that allows you to couch and sneeze in public without compromising the health and safety of others.

+ Made in USA using fabrics manufactured in USA

Science and Construction

Infection causing germs can be found in tiny droplets called aqueous aerosols. Aqueous aerosols are released in the air when you cough or sneeze, and can land on surfaces several feet away or can be breathed in by people in proximity.

Absorbent Side

-Catches and traps aqueous aerosols, practically eliminating the spread of droplets from coughs and sneezes.

-Absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds and soaks up 20 times faster than bamboo, cotton, and hemp knitted materials.

Waterproof Layer

-Prevents transmission of fluids to the other side, so your hands stay clean and dry during use.


-Both sides of the Silver Hanky are armed with SILVADUR™, a smart controlled release technology that uses silver ions to neutralize microbes on the surface of the fabric.

-The silver ions eliminate germs as soon as the germs come in contact with the fabric.


-Given the super absorbency of SilverHankies, they can also be used to clean and wipe up surfaces.

Easy Use and Care

-Securely closes the Hanky to trap microbes inside and allow the Silver ions to continuously neutralize the germs and protect the fabric.

-Machine washable, reusable, durable, and quick drying.

10 Uses

1. Cover your cough

2. Catch your sneeze

3. Wipe surfaces after spraying with sanitizer

4. Open and close doors

5. Use as a barrier while pumping gas

6. Wrap around handle of shopping cart

7. Safely adjust your mask

8. Cover your hand to accept items from others

9. Clean desks and countertops.
10. Wipe your hands

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can order a 4" x 4" fabric swatch directly from product pages.

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No, we do not offer returns or exchanges on any of our products

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