KAM Size 20 Snaps - 4000 piece Sets (W-697)

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B1 China Red
B2 Navy
B3 White
B4 Dark Grey
B5 Black
B6 Chocolate
B7 Citron Yellow
B8 Cornflower Blue
B9 Slate Grey
B10 Sun Gold
B11 Metallic Bronze
B12 Bronze
B13 Stone Grey
B14 Spring Green
B15 Ruddy Red
B16 Royal Blue
B17 Peach
B18 Baby Pink
B19 Medical Green
B20 Baby Blue
B21 Pearl Pink
B22 Natural White
B23 Soft Grey
B24 Light Grey
B25 Soft Tan
B26 Burnt Umber
B27 Marine Blue
B28 Lavender
B29 Emerald
B30 Putty
B31 Hunter Green
B32 Prussian Blue
B33 Candy Pink
B34 Burgundy
B35 Purple
B36 Fluorescent Yellow
B37 Cream
B38 Primary Red
B39 Charcoal Grey
B40 Melon Orange
B41 Violet
B42 Warm Tan
B43 Optical White
B44 Green Apple
B45 Metallic Silver
B46 Light Aqua
B47 Neon Pink
B48 Periwinkle
B49 Dark Purple
B50 Neon Green
B51 Ribbit
B52 Tangerine
B53 Soft Peach
B54 Red
B55 Blaze Orange
B56 Rich Orchid
B57 Raspberry
B58 Saturn Blue
B59 Seaspray
B60 Grey

  • This is a 4000 piece set that contains 2000 caps, 1000 sockets and 1000 studs

  • KAM snaps are the standard snaps used in diaper making; they are proven and used by virtually every manufacturer who installs snaps on diapers.

  • Our snaps have the premium 5.6mm cap posts for easier application and the best holding power.

  • We recommend using the Professional Snap Press or Snap Pliers to install these snaps. These snaps will also work with hobby presses and snap pliers as long as you have KAM compatible dies.

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